December 2nd
12:30–13:30    Registration
13:30–13:40 Opening Remarks  (Maki Kawai, Toshiki Sugimoto & Takashi Kumagai)
(90 min)
Model Catalyst and its Perspective (Chair: Maki Kawai)
13:40-14:20 Hajo Freund (Fritz-Haber Institute)
  "Model Systems in Heterogeneous Catalysis at the Atomic Level"
14:20-14:45 Takahiro Kondo (Univ. of Tsukuba)
  "Vibration-driven reaction of CO2 with hydrogen at Cu surfaces"
14:45-15:10 Jun Yoshinobu (Univ. of Tokyo)
  "Adsorption, activation and reaction of inert molecules on model catalysts"
(40 min)
Break & Free discussion
(110 min)
New Approach for Electrochemistry (Chair: Julia Stähler)
15:50-16:20 Yujin Tong (Fritz-Haber Institute)
  "Structures and dynamics at electrochemical interfaces studied by nonlinear spectroelectrochemistry"
16:20-16:45 Masaaki Yoshida (Yamaguchi Univ.)
  "Operando Observation of All Elements in Water Splitting Electrocatalysts"
16:45-17:15 Christopher Kley (Fritz-Haber Institute)
  "Revealing catalytic materials at the nanoscale: From UHV STM to in situ electrochemical AFM"
17:15-17:40 Jun Haruyama (Univ. of Tokyo)
  "Electrode potential and charge transfer reaction using density functional theory combined with implicit solvation model"
(20 min)
Break & Free discussion
(120 min)
Poster & Welcome reception


  December 3rd
(75 min)
Operando Spectroscopy for Surface Reactions (Chair: Yujin Tong)
9:00-9:25 Hirohito Ogasawara (SLAC)
  "Elucidation of surface reaction pathway using ultrafast soft x-ray spectroscopy"
9:25-9:50 Susumu Yamamoto (Tohoku Univ.)
  "Operando observation of photo-excited carriers and molecules at solid surfaces using soft X-ray spectroscopies"
9:50-10:15 Satoru Takakusagi (Hokkaido Univ.)
  "Development of operando PTRF-XAFS technique for determining 3D structure of active sites in heterogeneous catalysis"
(35 min)
Break & Free discussion
(75 min)
New Approach for Near-Field Physics and Chemistry (Chair: Ralph Ernstofer)
10:50-11:15 Takashi Kumagai (Fritz-Haber Institute)
  "Near-Field Physics and Chemistry in Plasmonic STM junctions"
11:15-11:35 Emiko Kazuma (RIKEN)
  "Single molecule study of plasmon-induced chemical reactions"
11:35-12:05 Alex Paarmann (Fritz-Haber Institute)
  "Far-field approach to optical near fields: Nonlinear infrared spectroscopy and microscopy"
12:05–12:15 Conference photo
(75 min)
(75 min)
New Concept for Methane Activation (Chair: Atsushi Urakawa)
13:30-13:55 Kazunari Yoshizawa (Kyushu Univ.)
  "Orbital Concept for Methane Activation by Metal-Oxo Species: Enzyme to Surface"
13:55-14:20 Kazuhiro Takanabe (Univ. of Tokyo)
  "Crucial Role of OH Radicals in Improving Selectivity in the Oxidative Coupling of Methane"
14:20-14:45 Takanori Koitaya (Institute of Molecular Science)
  "Catalytic activation of C1 molecules studied by ambient-pressure XPS"
(30 min)
Break & Free discussion
(85 min)
Electron Dynamics in 2D systems (Chair: Nian Lin)
15:15-15:45 Ralph Ernstopher (Fritz-Haber Institute)
  "Ultrafast electron dynamics:momentum- and real-space perspective"
15:45-16:15 Shiwei Wu (Fudan Univ.)
  "Second harmonic generation: a symmetry probe for 2D materials"
16:15-16:40 Takashi Suzuki (Univ. of Tokyo)
  "Ultrafast carrier dynamics in a twisted bilayer graphene quasicrystal studied by time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy"
(25 min)
Break & Free discussion
(55 min)
Carrier Dynamics in Condensed Phase and Interface (Chair: Fumio Komori)
17:05-17:35 Julia Stähler (Fritz-Haber Institute)
  "ZnO: Ultrafast Generation and Decay of a Surface Metal"
17:35-18:00 Toshiki Sugimoto (Institute for Molecular Science))
  "Challenge of infrared spectroscopy: Unveiling water-assisted carrier trapping at TiO2 nano-photocatalyst with distinct particle morphologies"
18:10–18:50    Shuttle Bus for Conference Dinner (From OCC to Okazaki New Grand Hotel)
19:00-21:00 Conference dinner (Okazaki New Grand Hotel)


  December 4th
(80 min)
Molecular Materials (Chair: Leonhard Grill)
9:00-9:30 Makoto Fujita (Univ. of Tokyo/Institute for Molecular Science)
9:30-9:55 Akimitsu Narita (MPI for Polymer Research/OIST))
  "Bottom-up Chemical Synthesis of Atomically Precise Graphene Nanostructures"
9:55-10:20 Ya-Ping Chiu (National Taiwan University)
  "Light-induced molecular dipole reordering in halide perovskites"
(30 min)
Break & Free discussion
(105 min)
Scanning Probe Techniques for Molecular systems (Chair: Takashi Kumagai)
10:50-11:20 Leonhard Grill (Univ. of Graz)
  "Manipulation of Single Molecules: Wires, Switches and Motors"
11:20-11:50 Nian Lin (The Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology)
  "Desine, Synthesis and Characterization of Low-Dimensional Conjugated Metal-Organic Coordination Structures on Surfaces"
11:50-12:15 Yoshiaki Sugimoto (Univ. of Tokyo)
  "Imaging and force spectroscopy of individual atoms/molecules using atomic force microscopy"
12:15-12:35 Hiroshi Imada (RIKEN)
  "STM study of exciton creation and annihilation in a single molecule"
(70 min)
(80 min)
Hydrogen Dynamics and Engineering (Chair: Toshiki Sugimoto)
13:45-14:15 Mariana Rossi (Fritz-Haber Institute)
  "How theory can elucidate anharmonic quantum nuclear fluctuations and hydrogen dynamics at finite temperatures"
14:15-14:40 Genki Kobayashi (Institute for Molecular Science)
  "Study on Hydride ion conductive oxyhydrides"
14:40-15:05 Ken Sakaushi (National Institute for Materials Science)
  "Quantum Effects in Proton Transfer at Electrified Surfaces"
(30 min)
Break & Free discussion

In-situ/Operando Techniques for Catalysis (Chair: Kazuhiro Takanabe)
15:35-16:00  Atsushi Urakawa (Delft University of Technology)
 “Holistic understanding of catalytic performance through physicochemical gradients present in reactors”
16:00-16:25 Aliaksei Mazheika (Technical Univ. Berlin)
 “Ab initio machine-learning study of CO2 activation on semiconductor oxide surfaces”

(30 min)
Panel discussion(Chair: Jun Yoshinobu)
Hajo Freund, Leonhard Grill, Atsushi Urakawa, Ralph Ernstofer
16:55-17:00 Closing Remarks  (Toshiki Sugimoto)


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